ProjectWise Routing

Posted: March 14, 2013 in Configuration
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ProjectWise uses its own routing rules. In general, the client is told to go to a ProjectWise server. If that is not the end point, then that server will tell it where the next hop is until it reaches its end point. It is a best practice to always use fully qualified domain names instead of IP Addresses. The following diagram shows some of the valid routes that ProjectWise traffic could make. All ProjectWise Explorer traffic is on TCP Port 5800 by default, but could be changed by the administrator to a different port number.  With the flexibility in routing almost any situation can be solved when dealing with remote office, users, sub, or owners.



  1. Simon Denton says:

    Hi Eddie,
    Thanks for the useful diagram.
    What happens if a Caching Server fails? Will the system automatically reroute around it?

    • ProjectWise does not automatically re-route traffice around a failed Caching Server. My recommendation if this is a concern would be to create a registry key that would have a different set up routing instrucitons and easily executed. Keep in mind that if that Caching Server was also doing file storage then just re-routing to the Integration Server would still leave you without access to the files in the failed storage area. Bottom line is that ProjectWise doesn’t have any self healing routing but many standard tools such as DNS assignments, failover systems, and registry keys and get you really close to your goal. EJA

      • Simon Denton says:

        Thank you. Think this is an area we need to give some thought to! Our PW network is growing with 23 Caching Servers and 3 Integration Servers spread across the globe.

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