Edit ProjectWise PDF files with an iPad

Posted: March 20, 2013 in General, Training
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I’ve had several people ask me if you can edit PDF files using the ProjectWise iPad app so I created a video with two simple workflows. This first is the check out the PDF, edit using the Adobe Reader app and then check the file back into ProjectWise. The second is opening a PDF from ProjectWise, mark it up, and save a copy of the markup back to ProjectWise. Pretting simple stuff, all with an iPad. Who said the iPad can’t create content. ipadpdf


  1. Martin LLontop says:

    Thanks Eddie.
    One question. After the mark up is done from the iPad, it is visible from the desktop ProjectWise right away.However from the iPad, I have to use Open in.. Adobe, in order to see the markups recently done. Why is that?. Even if I do a mark up from desktop I still have to use Open in .. just to check if there is any changes to the Pdf as from the iPad the file is shown without any changes despite of refreshing datasource folder.



  2. I was able to duplicate this and now checking into the issue.

  3. I was able to download my PDF editor app for my iPad from iTunes check it here https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/pdffiller/id571613512?mt=8
    Works really well for me

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