ProjectWise SIG Was a BIG Success!

Posted: October 22, 2013 in Uncategorized

The ProjectWise Special Interest Group (SIG) held its first meeting on October 17th.  Over 150 ProjectWise Administrators representing more than 75,000 users attending one of two duplicate sessions that day.  All those that did attend learned about the future of ProjectWise with a roadmap presentation that lays out the development and new features that we will be seeing over the next year.  We also have a presentation on the new Rules Engine that is now included in the ProjectWise Integration Server.  I presented a tool that is free to all those who attended the session for deleting the empty folders out of a project inside of ProjectWise.  This is a great tool for pruning folders after a project is complete but before an archive is created or the project is set to final status. (HINT: Watch the recording of the session to get the download address for the tool.)  We discussed the value of the ProjectWise Datasource Statistics and how we can use them to better understand our own datasource(s).  I put out a call for all Administrators to send their statistics files to me and I will compile a list of Average, Minimum, and Maximum to present at our next meeting which is scheduled for November 21st.  Same times at 10:00am and 8:00pm EST (New York Time) duplicate sessions.  We will also be giving away an iPAD Mini to one lucky attendee.

Register now for the next ProjectWise Special Interest Group meeting:

Recording of the first session:

Together we are Managing the World’s Infrastructure Projects!


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