This blog is all about ProjectWise.  I’ll be covering subjects like installation, configuration, customization, training, and more.  I’m Eddie Anderson and the Global Practice Leader for ProjectWise Professional Services at Bentley.  I’ve been with Bentley since 1994 in various roles and have been involved with ProjectWise since 1995 when it was named TeamMate.  I’ve trained thousands of users in the use of both MicroStation and ProjectWise over the years.  Currently, I oversees all ProjectWise Professional Services globally for Bentley. 

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  1. Carl Brock says:

    I enjoyed reading your blog on “Working with Sub-Consultants” and the supporting images. To offer up and idea for another section or blog on you site, would you consider expanding this blog to include a section on the dmskrnl.cfg file. With each major upgrade, this file seems to change and the verbiage included in this file is not enough. I would like to see something on your site that goes through this file, breakdown line by line and do a full explanation with examples. I haven’t seen this anywhere which forces me to have to contact the help desk for assistance.

    If this already exists somewhere, then I appologize. I just haven’t found it yet.


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